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Shupier Jones

Friday, May 6, 2016

Actress | Host | A woman of her word

Shupier Jones is a force to be reckoned with in the acting and the modeling world. She is accomplished as a Model, with Film, TV Hosting and Acting. Jones has her own show called Destination Hip-Hop where she interviews many in the hip-hop culture, She has been  featured on B.E.T Network's hit show "The Game", "Double Divas" on the Lifetime Network, played as "Toya the Diva" in a film titled '30 Day Itch' and played the lead role as "Ms Wright" in a film tiled Flowers. She also has an extensive modeling career.




Born in Lake City, Fl, and raised in the beautiful city of Miami, FL, Jones currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her two beautiful, energetic daughters who are the loves of her life. Jones has always been questioned on the significance of her name.  Shupier means “Dependable upon God”, which defines the core of who she was created to be.  Shupier is a humble, go-getting, energetic, determined leader. However, she is also a very lovable and patient person that enjoys serving and helping people.


At an early age, Shupier began to realize that she was talented in many areas. One of her first passions was sports.  Her game on the basketball court began to immediately develop and she found that she could dominate with finesse. The game of basketball was her first love. She enjoyed the pace and the physical and mental challenges that come with controlling the ball, and ultimately winning games. As she got older she continued to discover more of her talents such as rapping, creating hairstyles and her writing skills continued to develop as well. She also enjoys creating edgy styles in fashion using vintage looks, as well as interior decorating. As an adult, she took her hair ​skills to another level by going to cosmetology school in Lakeland, FL.



She was a mother of two and a full-time student who was determined to finish what she started.  She graduated at the top of her class with a 4.0 G.P.A and was awarded “Most Outstanding Student”.


Many people wondered, “How can one person juggle all these talents and be equally effective in each one?” To this she answers, “Seek Wisdom from God, because He is the one that gave them and will lead you. He will show you how to use them and when to apply them in every area of your life; so that ultimately it is for His glory”. 



I actually got sit down with Shupier and have her answer a few questions for me.


ITZWZ: "Who is it that inspires you?"

SJ: "The Most High and my children inspire me."

ITZWZ: "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

SJ: "I am going to be doing the will of God. Honestly, I don't think that far. I have to see where I will be tomorrow. It's helps to strive to be successful everyday."

ITZWZ:"That's the first time I've heard that, I love that. So with that being said, What's next for Shupier?"

SJ: "She will be an author, in a TV series called LUST and taking my Tv DestionationHipHop to another level."


She stands firm in her love for God and her belief of staying and doing things within His will. Shupier realizes that although she is imperfect, the God she serves will never fail. Armed with this knowledge, she is prepared to take the world by storm with her multi-faceted approach to living and her career paths. She is definitely a name to remember and a face to continue to watch.

This summer, Jones will feature at NY times bestselling author Toya Wright's 'Ultimate Retreat' for empowerment! I'd stay on the lookout for her!

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