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Friday, March 11, 2016

Organized by the multi-talented, Hair Expert and Realtor, Sharonda Lawrence, the first (of many to come) "Her Fire Empowerment Brunch" was a heart warmimg success! As a woman busiess owner, Sharonda has witnessed the lack of support that women have in business. Her vision for the brunch was to facilitate networing opportuities for women. Catered by Private Chef/Caterer Brian Greene, This Brunch called for big hats and lit that inner fire in all women once again with tools every woman can use in the areas of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, as well as how to be successfull!

Sharonda Lawrence

Hair Expert and Realtor


Hair Expert Kimberly Cheatman empowered women with her story!

After the closing of her husband's company in South Carolina, and a position offer in Florida, Kim and her family made the move, however, she faced many obstacles in the beginning. She had to meet new friends,  find a new salon and rebuild clientele, Before all of hat could happen, it was a must she correct a family issue. After following her pastor's advice, doors began to immediately open for her! She is now very content as the owner and CEO of Kreative Kimistry Hair Salon!

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